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  1. Rubber boots

  2. Standard boots

  3. Hip boots or waders (if you want to get up close and personal)

  4. A good pair of binoculars

  5. Bug spray, netting, and or thermo cell for warmer months

  6. A good flashlight and extra batteries

  7. Seat cushion for longer more comfortable hunts

  8. Slippers or slip on shoes for your comfort around the lodge

  9. Camera and/or video camera

  10. A safe bow or gun with necessary ammunition and adequate sights or scope

  11. Proper clothing for the season (keep in mind the weather is unpredictable)

  12. Rain gear (WE HUNT RAIN OR SHINE)

  13. A large cooler for transportation of your meat

  14. Orange hat or vest (this is the law)

  15. Personal safety harness

  16. Climbing stand (if you prefer)

  17. North Carolina Hunting License

  18. Soft case for transporting your gun

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