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“What can I say about Fair Game Outfitters? First, I’ll start with the crew. Greg, Brian, and Tony L. were first class. They worked their butts off all week. From taking you to your tree stand, tracking deer, taking you to the butcher, dragging your deer out, keeping the house immaculate, lunches, dinners, they put feed out on all the farms – you name it, they did it. Lodge was beautiful. Always kept clean throughout the week. Just down right cozy. As for Chris, the cook, her meals were to die for and her desserts were even better. If you want a hard-working crew, a great cook, and a great deer hunt, this is the place to go."


“Just wanted to say thanks for providing us with a great hunt. Our deposit for next year will be in the mail Monday. We can’t thank CJ, our guide, enough for his untiring effort to put us on game! An outstanding job. If we were not so picky, we could have filled tags no problem, but that’s not what it’s about. So great to go out and see game every day. Wonderful experience enjoying the outdoors up close and personal. Great meals, great conversation, and 2-ply paper. What more can you ask for?"


“What a great operation! The guides treated you like they were your best friends for 30 years. Greg and Brian were great. Chris, the cook, was awesome! Sad to leave. My first time hunting an outfitter and honestly they set the bar so high it’s going to be hard to compare. Great hunting. Definitely not going to shoot trophy deer, but if you are looking to have a great time and stock your freezer loaded to the brim with tons of venison, this is the place!"


“I know I said ‘Thanks’ and ‘Goodbye’ when we left your place in November, but I felt compelled to write and tell you how very much my partners and I really enjoyed our trip this past season. We unanimously agreed this was the best trip ever. The place was terrific and the dinners fabulous. Your crew was over the top in assisting us on our daily outings. The hunting was very good. We harvested four bucks, missed two, and saw three others that we were unable to get any shots at. We all called this a great season. We want to wish you all a great holiday season."


“Despite the fact that I had never hunted in my life, I stepped into Fair Game Outfitters as a member of the club. The guys took me under their wing, showed me the ropes, and placed me on top of my first deer! With Greg's guidance, I made the perfect double lung shot at 130 yards, and underwent a positive spiritual experience. I have been back to the lodge since and consider the guys lifelong friends."


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